Las Valentinas

Austin, TX
Two strong Texas female artists—Patricia Vonne and Vanessa Del Fierro— at the heart of Las Valentinas, a new trio that embraces the musical legacy of both Mexico and the Lone Star State. Acclaimed guitarist and producer Rick Del Castillo rounds out the group. Vonne is a highly-regarded singer/songwriter and bandleader with a string of albums to her name. Del Fierro, the first-generation daughter of Mexican immigrants, has dedicated her career to embracing and expanding the border tradition of corridos—story songs that tell tales of legends, outlaws, heroes and everyday people making their way through life. Their debut album, (produced by Del Castillo), is a bracing blend of Latin and mariachi infusions, informed by Tex-Mex flavors from both sides of the Rio Grande. By embracing, expanding and celebrating the music that binds two great cultures together, Las Valentinas emerges as a whole greater than the sum of its musical parts. Read More
Listen: Las Valentinas - Guantanamera

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